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Not my sound

Radio plays The Smiths or similar legacy band > Fred switches station. This is how I figured out I have no patience for wining singers.

Best Pizza

About to leave to Da Albert. You haven’t had pizza until you ate at Da Albert. #ditto

World’s Most Romantic Letter

People are sharing sweet sweet letters exchanged with their loved ones, here: . Show us yours!

News that inform, online

Want impartial and informative news every day on your TV? @pocketcasts + @democracynow + HDMI cable and you’re good to go.


Home is where my Gin Tonic is.


Positively impressed by Zizek’s “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology.” The man is beginning to make sense. Also, he knows his cinema.

Over here

In Portugal we eat carcasses for breakfast. #badass


My definition of a great desktop background: I can stare at it all day.