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TP Alumnus

We have finished our adventure at TechPeaks. It is only the beginning, really. Proud of being an alumnus.


Excitement in the air. The closing of a beautiful chapter. #tpdemo13

La huellas digitales

“Yo no quiero morirme nunca, porque quiero jugar siempre.” After Eduardo Galeano

Galão Vs Chai

Internet Galão, or internet Chai? You choose. #Berlin

Hicks lives

Bill Hicks was discretely running through his standup routine in the bathroom speakers of a café that accepts Bitcoin as payment. #Berlin

The life of an entrepreneur

Things are moving really fast. Tomorrow heading to Berlin, hoping my body can take the heat (cold).

Alone in the universe

We, Memeoirs, are still the only ones in the Universe doing emails to book. #fact

Kill FB

Kill your facebook tab. It’s the wisest thing you’ll do today.